New lab rooms in HBI, S3/06

The move of our lab rooms is completed

2022/03/24 by

Since March 1, 2022 our lab rooms are no longer located at the Biocampus but in the HBI building in the city campus.

As part of the renovation work in the Hans-Busch-Institute, a new S1 laboratory was installed on the 1st floor of building S3/06. This is used jointly by the scientific staff of the departments of Prof. Burg, IMNS and Prof. Köppl, SOS-Lab.

All equipment like the fluorescence microscope have moved from Schnittspahnstrasse to Merckstrasse.

The lab is now located in S3/06, room 137. The surrounding rooms from 136 to 142 are also part of the lab area.

Our thanks go to our laboratory staff members Alina Kuzembayeva, Yujie Zhong, Hongfei Liu and Maik Molderings, who helped to move smoothly. Of course, we would also like to thank the two technical staff members Markus Baier and Klaus-Dieter Voss, who also made a great contribution to make the lab ready for operation.

Now, research in our laboratory can continue at full speed with state-of-the-art equipment.