SOS Team Members

Dr. Sandip Saha

Postdoctoral Researcher 2024


work +49 6151 16-57 425
cell +49 (0) 15239503316

Work S3/06 207
Merckstrasse 25
64283 Darmstadt

Since 2024 Sandip Saha is part of the team at the Self-Organizing Systems (SOS) Lab at Dept. of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, Technical University Darmstadt, Germany.

Previously, he was a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Living Systems Laboratory, part of Prof. Jesper N. Tegner's group in the Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences and Engineering at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), Saudi Arabia.

His research interests center on nonlinear dynamics and their applications in machine learning. His current focus is on optimizing Physics-Informed Machine Learning models for biomedical systems. Specifically, I aim to integrate Variational Principles, Lagrangian, and Hamiltonian frameworks into machine learning models to enhance their predictive power.

He currently works as part of LOEWE research cluster FLOW FOR LIFE, focusing on optimizing Physics-Informed Machine Learning models for Biomedical Systems.

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