SOS Team Members

Maik Molderings

PhD student


work +49 6151 16-57 245
fax +49 6151 16-57 241

Work S3/06 212
S1-Labor, 1. floor
Merckstrasse 25
64283 Darmstadt

Maik joined SOS lab as PhD student in October 2021. The objective is the influence of context effects on synthetic circuits behaviour and optimal-experimental design.

Maik received his Bachelor by writing his thesis at the Institute for Plant Biochemistry at the Heinrich-Heine University, Duesseldorf, Germany.

He received his Master also at the Heinrich-Heine University Duesseldorf, while writing the thesis at the Institute for Synthetic Biology. His Master thesis was “Optogenetic control of gene expression in Arabidopsis thaliana and Setaria viridis protoplasts”.

Maik's research interests are focused in the implementation and characterization of synthetic circuits in vivo and in vitro. Especially using light as an inducer.

Possible Student Projects you can find here .