Heinz Köppl

Prof. Dr. Heinz Koeppl

Head of lab

Rundeturmstrasse 12
64283 Darmstadt

Office: S3|19 1.1

+49 6151 16-57 235
+49 6151 16-57 241
0151-613 757 19


Since January 2014 Heinz Koeppl is a full professor at the Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology at TU Darmstadt. Prior to that he was a SNSF assistant professor at the Automatic Control Lab of ETH Zurich and a group leader at IBM Research – Zurich.

He got his M.Sc. in theoretical physics from Graz Karl-Franzens University, Austria (2001) and his Ph.D. in electrical engineering from Graz University of Technology, Austria (2004). After doing his civil service for the Austrian federal government for a year, he went on as a Schroedinger fellow to UC Berkeley, USA to work with Leon Chua at the EECS department. From fall 2006 to fall 2010 he has been a postdoc at the Laboratory of Nonlinear Systems (Martin Hasler) at the School of Communication and Computer Sciences, EPFL (Ecole Polytechnique Federal de Lausanne) Lausanne, Switzerland. In spring 2008, he was a visiting research fellow at the Department of Systems Biology, Harvard Medical School, Boston USA, working together with Walter Fontana.

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