Jascha Diemer

Jascha Diemer

PhD student

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Mainly available at Schnittspahnstraße 10 (B2/03),

Phone: LABOR BCS: 57 244, MIKROSKOP BCS: 57 245


Jascha Diemer got his B.Sc. in biomolecular engineering from the Technische Universität Darmstadt in September 2011. His bachelor thesis trageted the determiniation of the catalytic activity of peptide based NiSOD model components. He participated in the 2012 iGEM team of the TU Darmstadt and worked on a PET digesting E.coli. In September 2013 he received his M.Sc in biomolecular engineering at the TU Darmstadt. The master thesis had the topic:„Superresolution microscopy with blinking and bleaching molecules“. Since January 2014 Jascha is heading the Bioinspired Communication System Laboratory at the TU Darmstadt under Heinz Koeppl and is working on his PhD thesis.

His project aims at visualizing mRNA transcription in real time at the single cell level. Therefore the binding protein PP7, a coat protein of bacteriophage PP7 is used to directly tag newly synthesized mRNA. The accumulation of this protein coupled to a fluorescent marker like GFP can be detected with imaging techniques giving insights to the kinetics of DNA transcription on a single cell level.

Microfluidic devices are used to control accurately the concentrations of substances for gene expression. The new microfluidic chips provide structures that are designed to trap single yeast cells over time. This allows the implementation of automatic software to segment and analyze the cells and lead to improved throughput.

As this project is based on single cell measurements, the cell-to-cell variety is from great interest. With stochastic modeling of the gathered data, differences can be analyzed to understand the role of genotypic and phenotypic noise. Further, the data can be used in an optimizing step to increase the output of further experiments.

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